For usage run:

# vbackup --help

For a list of backup methods (scripts) run:

# vbackup --list

To get some information about a module run:

# vbackup --help <module>


# vbackup --help xfsdump

Once setup, you can perform level 0 and level 5 backups with:

# vbackup 0
# vbackup 5

If you use multiple backup strategies then you can perform a backup for each one of them with:

# vbackup strategy1 0
# vbackup strategy2 0

High level overview

vbackup runs by scanning a configuration directory for configuration files. This directory has a vbackup.conf file and a series of config files that dictate what vbackup should do. For example, one may indicate that a PostgreSQL database should be backed up, the next one can indicate that /home should be backed up and a final one would instruct vbackup to copy the backups to a remote system using scp.

Each strategy’s configuration is stored under /etc/vbackup:

  • The default strategy (i.e. the one with no name) is the one stored at /etc/vbackup/rc.d
  • Each named strategy is stored under /etc/vbackup/rc.<strategy>.d

See How it works for more details.