Available modules

The following modules are available:

dpkg: Backup debian package lists
exec: Execute some shell commands
exist: Check whether a file/dir exists
ftar: Filesystem backup using tar and find
gpg: Encrypt a file or a directory using gpg
mbr: Backup MBRs, Partition Tables, MD and LVM information
mount: Mount a partition
mysql: Dump mysql databases
nfsmount: Mount an NFS share
off: Don’t do anything
openldap: Backup OpenLDAP database
pgsql: Dump pgsql databases
rm: Remove a directory recursively
rpm: Backup RPM database
rsync: Copy files locally or remotely, using rsync
scp: Remote file copy using scp
tar: Perform filesystem backup using GNU tar
umount: Umount a partition
x509: Encrypt a file or a directory using x509 certificates
xfsdump: Perform filesystem backup using xfsdump