VBackup - A modular backup utility

vbackup is an extensible CLI backup tool. Ultimately it is a collection of scripts that perform backup of systems. It is based on bash and should support most of the unices out there (if not then please report it as a bug).

From a user’s point of view, vbackup simplifies the backup process by using just a config file for everything that otherwise would require a custom made script.

Vbackup can backup:

  • Postgresql databases
  • MySQL databases
  • Filesystems using GNU tar
  • XFS filesystems using xfsdump
  • dpkg and RPM databases
  • MBR, Partition tables, MD and LVM information
  • OpenLDAP database

The backup procedure is completely customizable and extendable.

vbackup supports multiple backup strategies and each one can supports multiple levels. For example, one can have a backup strategy for filesystem backups and another for VM backups or for testing